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About Traffic Stencils

Our purpose is simple; manufacture the highest quality traffic stencils and sell them to you at the lowest possible price. Here is how we can do it:

Highest Quality

Our stencils are made from high quality Polyethylene(the same material acid tanks are made from) using precision computer controlled cutting equipment. They are absolutely perfect with no rough edges, gouge marks and poor line quality typical of competitive stencils. Since we are using computer technology all stencils are consistent and all letters and symbols match. Buy a handicap symbol now, buy one in ten years. They will match perfectly.'s staff has over forty years of combined stencil cutting experience assuring that you will receive only the best stencils available.

Lowest Price

How can provide the finest stencils and still be the lowest price. Several reasons. First, we are selling direct to you. There is no middleman involved. Second, we keep our selling costs low. We do not go to expensive trade shows, buy expensive advertising or have commissioned salespeople. We only sell on the WEB. Third, We keep our overhead expenses low. We only accept credit card payment and do not provide open trade accounts, toll free telephone numbers or custom cutting. Consequently, we can pass these savings on to you in the form of lower prices.

Peace of Mind

You might ask " I haven't heard of How do I know I will get what I ordered and my credit card is safe? First has a worry free, money back policy. If the stencil is not as good as we say just return it unused and we will make a full refund of the purchase price to your credit card. Secondly, this is a totally secured site. Lastly, you have the added comfort that YOUR credit card company controls the sale. As with all credit card transactions, should there be a dispute they can issue you a credit directly.


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